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Last year, one of the top ten most popular searches in pornography was for Japanese women. Many people who frequent adult sites or are looking for sex pictures, porn GIFS or videos, want Japanese women in them. The ‘Japanese’ girls search term has surpassed the ‘Asian’ girls search term for the first time in years. But why is there such an increase in this category of sex pics and GIFS of porn? One of the answers may lie in the fact that Japanese women love doing porn GIFS and porn movies. A recent study found that 1 out of every 200 Japanese woman, is a porn star or has appeared in an adult video. In the Japan’s AV industry, there are some pornographers who say this is the case among Japanese girls.

The numbers came from an insider in the Japanese AV industry who says that out of 400 Japanese students, more than 200 will end up in porn. The source further says that she may turn out to be a porn star. There is a huge demand for Japanese sex pictures, Japanese porn GIFS and porn videos. The recent spike in last year’s search term proves that. You also have the search term ‘Hentai’ which was also among the top ten most popular categories in porn. Hentai are hand drawn or computer animated characters mostly created in Japan. The difference is that these cartoon characters are mostly done for porn movies. There is a huge following for Hentai porn on the internet. Millions search each day for hentai animated porn GIFS images which show Japanese girls getting fucked hard. The Japanese babes in these hentai porn GIFS and videos are drawn in a very erotic and sexy fashion. They typically have hot bodies, big tits and love sucking cocks and getting fucked.

Some may look at the demand for Japanese porn from the world as a big part why so many Japanese girls are turning to porn. There is a lot of money to be made from porn GIFS, sex pics and videos. The list of Japanese women porn stars is very large. Some of the most known AV idols in Japan are Saori Hara, Kirara Asuka, Erika Sato, Nao Yoshizaki, Sarah, and Harumi Asano. The names of Japanese women porn stars goes on and on.

Porn in Japan is a booming business as they release more than 35,000 adult films every year. That is almost 100 porn films a day. Anywhere between 2,000 to 3,000 new Japanese girls debut as porn stars each year. There are also more than 150,000 Japanese porn stars who have made millions of porn GIFS and sex pictures videos. The majority of Japanese women that appear in porn videos and GIFS of porn are between the ages of 19 and 55. You can calculate that there are 30 million plus Japanese women in Japan. Once you divide those numbers, it comes to one out of every 200 being a porn star. Using those statistics, you can see the numbers match.

As the increase in searches for Japanese women animated porn GIFS, sex pics and other porn material increases, so will the demand for the girls to appear in the videos. The truth is that the Japanese girls seen on the GIFS of porn and sex pictures are very hot. Japanese women are not only beautiful, they also have amazing bodies. Their pretty faces and huge tits can make any man or woman want to masturbate after watching them perform in a GIF porn image or video. Plus, their innocent looking faces only serves to make them more desirable.

In Japan, it is very easy to get a Japanese girl to appear in a porn GIF or porn movie. At the same time, you also have many Japanese girls that claim to be forced into the porn industry. Some of the girls are picked up under the guise of modeling jobs or entertainment. Once they agree, they are then led into the porn industry where they are forced to perform sexual acts in front of a camera. This leads to some of the porn GIFS images and sex pictures we find all over the internet.

Still, many of the women that end up doing pornographic videos, do so because of the money. There is so much money being made from Japanese sex pics, sex videos and porn GIFS that it will only grow. The Japan adult industry grosses more than 3 billion a year. That is from subscription fees and sales. No doubt that the taste for Japanese girls in porn GIFS, movies and sex pics will keep getting bigger. They are beautiful, sexy and super hot. Nothing like a Japanese girl in a porn GIF showing off her gorgeous face and great tits. The demand for Japanese porn GIFS is proof that every man and woman wants a Japanese girl. At least to masturbate to while they watch porn online.